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    Stubborn burnt on food on Glass Stove Tops

    Do you have food burnt on your glass stove top? Can't get it out even with the fancy sponges and creams?

    Then it's time to try a scrapper. Here is what happens: Some foods literally petrify when exposed to extreme heat for long periods of time. When that happens, no cleaning product I've heard of will come to the rescue!

    Try this: Using a window scraper found in professional paint stores and other home supply stores can scrape off the gunk with minimal effort and less than 2 minutes.

    Here's how: Grab a NEW blade; it has to be new every time you use it. Spray the area with an all-purpose cleaner, this is REALLY important so you don’t scratch the glass. Also spray the blade-soaking wet. The cleaner will act as a lubricant. Then position the blade at a 45-degree angle - also really important to prevent scratches and injuries (you'll have total control at this angle). Begin with the outer corners and slowly work your way in. Essentially, you'll lift the burnt on gunk with the blade. Wipe the mess away and keep working until the glass surface feels smooth. Now that all the food is removed there may be some discoloration - white rings left. Now you can take out your fancy scour pad and cream and work it to a shine. Voila!!

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    • Stubborn burnt on food on Glass Stove Tops - DS Cleaning And Maid Service Tips -
    • Stubborn burnt on food on Glass Stove Tops - DS Cleaning And Maid Service Tips -
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