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    "A heartfelt, personal story of the gradual awakening of a woman who comes to see that preferring the 'human to the perfect' does not alienate her from authentic spirituality but allows her to live more fully."

    Kathleen Norris,
    author of The Cloister Walk

    Eco-Friendly Equipment & Cleaning Supplies

    We use the following eco-friendly, green-certified products and equipment to clean your home or office.

    Air Purifying Vacuum Cleaners

    These commercial quality, bagless water system vacuum cleaners include an extra level of air filtration to trap and minimize airborne pollen, dust and allergens. By using several units, we are able to purify 2000 square feet in just one hour. You'll notice a naturally springtime-fresh result the minute you walk in.

    Commercial quality floor steamers

    Commercial quality floor steamers kill germs as we clean. These powerful machines sanitize floors without the use of bleach or other chemicals.

    Performance tested, environmentally safe, natural cleaning products that are safe for humans, pets and plants, leave no residue or chemical odor, and are extremely safe for all kinds of surfaces.

    All Purpose Cleaner – Red Juice

    Environmental perfection! Ingredients include seaweed and soybean extract. Also, non-toxic, odor-free, biodegradable and pH neutral.

    We couldn’t face a day of cleaning without our heavy duty liquid cleaner, Red Juice.

    We started our long search for this product when we could no longer stand the irritating fumes of retail liquid cleaners. Red Juice is a powerful, biodegradable, odor free, personally safe cleaner–and even more! To start with, the degreaser in Red Juice is made from user friendly and environmentally friendly seaweed, while the degreasers in most similar cleaners are derived from petrol-chemicals. Red Juice is all natural with ingredients such as soybean extracts, palm kernels, and palm oils. Red Juice is pH neutral, non toxic, unscented and completely biodegradable. No wonder the USDA gave it an A-1 rating for use around food!

    We use Red Juice on countertops, molding, doors, and a jillion other surfaces in the home. We also use it for cleaning countertops, fingerprints, dirt, grease or grime most anywhere. In concentrated industrial strength it’s strong enough to degrease diesel engines, so you can imagine what it does to greasy messes anywhere in the home! It also meets or exceeds all EPA and FDA requirements to be classified as a safe GREEN CLEANER.

    Glass Cleaner – Blue Juice

    The “EC” (Environmentally Correct) choice for glass.

    Blue Juice is our choice for a light duty liquid cleaner that’s fast and effective on glass, mirrors, and polished metals. Like Red Juice, Blue Juice also meets or exceeds all EPA or FDA requirements to be categorized as a non toxic, odor free, environmentally friendly, personally safe, biodegradable, unscented, all natural, safe GREEN CLEANER.

    Furniture Polish

    One of the most satisfying results of cleaning house is the rich warm glow of polished furniture. Here’s how we give it to you. This Premium Furniture Polish is fortified with carnauba wax to produce a luxurious shine. It’s ideal for routine dusting and furniture care.

    The preceding information was provided to DS Cleaning by our green-certified vendors.